When someone commissions us to communicate with the public, we are obligated to both parties – the sender and the public.


To the sender our obligation is to transparency, execution and an open code.  We are exacting in our insistence on providing real information in real time, on setting realistic goals and committing only to what we’re capable of providing.


To the public, we commit to a protection of privacy and relevancy of message.  We always strive to meet the surfer/ viewer with relevant content, that is interesting and worthy of his attention.


We think it is only now, about 250 years after the birth of the concept of “advertising,” that we, the advertisers,  have finally started to do what we’re supposed to do – to disseminate, to share and to crack open the true messages of our clients.  Our campaigns don’t create an alternative reality, rather they expose the public to what our clients are really offering.  Our experience proves that this is the most efficient method of working – both in terms of building awareness, and in terms salses.  In our perspective based on years in the field of advertising, there are two parallel trends currently at work:  On the one hand, people are losing interest and trust in classic brand advertising that offers them fictional values.  On the other hand, and at about the same rate, people are embracing new advertising which provides real, high-quality, relevant and interesting content with practical value tailored for individual use.  A true and ethical advertiser who is neither greedy nor lazy, will look for the smartest way to disseminate his clients’ messages only through the creation of segmented, usable content that is well-targeted.


To implement all of the above, we must have complete command over all the tools of advertising at our disposal today – both the new tools – those born and developing every day anew, and also the classical tools, those that have been around a long time, but are still not going anywhere.  We will allow ourselves to put cynicism aside for a moment, in order to state that the Totseret team is comprised of the brightest individuals that money / good intentions can buy.  We each come from a slightly different place and bring with us experience, talent, knowledge and proven success in our field.  Every one of us commits to bringing our best to the table but no less important is our commitment to acknowledging our limits and bringing another member of the team on board to fill in the holes and complement our strengths.  The bounty of our abilities encompasses the digital world: writing content, managing PPC campaigns, managing Inbound and Display campaigns, and  crowd-funding, as well as the classical media: radio, television, billboards, guerrilla, and print.


The Nursery for the Totseret Collective was The Public Knowledge Workshop.  That’s where we met, where we transformed from advertisers to trumpeters in the public square, where we took our first steps together, and from where we draw our ethical education.  It is from here that we developed our sensitivity for truth, cooperation, and openness.  We believe that the openness of the internet is not just right, it works better.  The web rewards people, bodies, and institutions that share information and punishes secret keepers and whisperers.  The crowdfunding campaigns we’ve conducted prove that the public is also ready to take out their credit cards and pay money to those who share openly.  Therefore our natural tendency will always be to disseminate, to share, to be open.  We know with certainty that this approach is appropriate for every organization, in every sector of the population, in every country.  On the condition that they choose to live in the second decade of the second millennium.


The Business Model of the Totseret Collective is reminiscent of models from the start-up world.  Every client is defined as a project, and whomever brought the client is the project manager.  The project manager chooses the  members of the team needed for the particular project and only those individuals are accounted for in billing the client.  Likewise, the collective strives to have zero overhead, no offices, no coffee machines, no company cars and no office administrators.  In this way Totseret is able to offer competitive prices, and invest a higher percentage of the project budget in media.


We’d be happy to show you how –


See you around